Sueños de fuego: La noche de San Juan, Barcelona, June 23, 2015

The trip to Spain was an anamnestic experience, indispensable for me and for Marius Stan in the endeavor to capture, in our book, the emotions, dreams, anxieties, and illusions of the Civil War. We try to engage in what the Germans call Verstehen, or, if one prefers, Einfühlung. I read today the pages about Juan Comorera, the leader of the Catalan communists during the Civil War, in Paul Preston’s devastating biography of Santiago Carrillo (“The Last Stalinist,” 2014). In 1948, Comorera was branded a Titoist. He barely escaped several attempts by the communist death squads to liquidate him as a “mad dog”, a ” traitor,” and a “spy”. In 1958, he died in in the infirmary of the Burgos penitentiary in May 1958. Open wounds…



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