“Enemy of the People”: Georgian poet Titisian Tabidze (1895-1937)

Georgian symbolist poet Titsian Tabidze, was a co-founder of the modernist movement “Blue Horn.” Born March 21, 1895, he was executed in Tbilisi on December 16, 1937. There is still a Stalin Museum in Gori…

Already in 1925, Titsian prophesied his own death in an elegy to his friend and fellow poet Sergei Esenin:

My friends, if our heads roll
somewhere into a deep pit, may
the world know: among the poets,
Esenin was the brother of us all.

Georgian security chief Lavrenty Beria put the screws to the Georgian Writers’ Association, driving fellow Blue Horns alum Paolo Yashvili to suicide when he was pressured to denounce Tabidze.

But of course the only difference that made was for Yashvili’s soul.

Arrested as a traitor a bare two months before his death, Tabidze defiantly betrayed to his interrogators the name of only a single fellow-traveler: 18th century Georgian poet Besiki.



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