Acting like a Bolshevik

I just finished my interview with Cosmin Prelipceanu on Digi24TV. Main themes: in June 1990, by inviting the Jiu Valley miners to occupy Bucharest and act brutally against democratic forces, Ion Iliescu did not act alone, but as the head of a political mafia which included prime minister Petre Roman ,secret police boss Virgil Magureanu, deputy premier Gelu Voican Voiculescu, Leninist ideologue N. S. Dumitru etc; instead of building the new democracy on trust, truth, and tolerance, Iliescu erected it on lies, hatred, and resentment; in June 1990, he acted like a Bolshevik, promoted violence. and cynically organized the logistics of social hatred. Leninism is his mental frame; there is no statute of limitations for crimes against humanity, in Romania, Mexico, Poland, Germany, Cambodia, Ethiopia etc The ongoing judicial process is beneficial for Romanian democracy and it ought to be a much too long delayed catharsis and help enhance moral clarity.


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