Red October

October 25, 1917 (Julian calendar): the Bolsheviks seize power and establish their neo-Jacobin dictatorship masquerading as “dictatorship of the proletariat.” The first propaganda state comes into being. In 1929, already expelled from the USSR, Trotsky wrote that if Lenin had not been in Petrograd in October 1917, there would have been no seizure of power. So much about the role of the masses in history. A few years later, Benitto Mussolini would walk into Lenin’s footsteps and impose his Fascist regime. I warmly recommend this insightfully penetrating article by political scientist Marius Stan on the Red October and Lenin’s revolutionary Weltanschauung. It is particularly rewarding to see references to LSE professor, political scientist and historian Leonard Schapiro (1908-1983). He contributed decisively to our understanding of the Bolshevik phenomenon in its various incarnations and transmogrifications. The bottom line, so to speak, is what Marius Stan accurately emphasizes: Lenin was a Russian Marxist of extremist persuasion. If we gloss over this fact, we don’t get the real meaning of the Bolshevik hybris…


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