Real Friendships Last Forever: La Multi Ani, Dana Andrews!

Great friendships last forever: Dana Andrews, nee Romalo, turns 90 today. It was a real honor to be present, Mary and I, yesterday evening, at the wonderful surprise celebration organized on Solomons Island by her children. I said a few words about Dana, her admirable late husband Nick Andrews, about their friends in the US, Poland, the former Yugoslavia, and, of course, Romania. Nick and Dana were close friends with the prominent political scientist Ghita Ionescu, author of the classic book “Communism in Romania” (Oxford UP, 1964). Nick was himself a respected scholar. His book on Poland during the Martial Law, based, to a great extend on his own experience as the US Deputy Chief of Mission in Warsaw during that period, remains an invaluable source fo all those interested in that dark period in Polish history.

I remember vividly a dinner at their place when Mircea Mihaies and I conducted an interview with Ghita Ionescu (who was staying with the Andrews) on the meanings of populism. It came out in “Orizont.” Dana knew and loved my mother. My mother felt the same way about Dana. May Dana Andrews live many more and happy years!


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