Mensheviks and Bolsheviks

Julius Martov (November 24, 1873, Constantinople, Turkey –April 4, 1923, Schömberg, Calw, Germany) was first Lenin’s close friend, then, after the 1903 break between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks, his nemesis, He was one of the most lucid and prescient critics of the first totalitarianism, the Great Experiment in statu nascendi. Fyodor Dan (October 19, 1871, Saint Petersburg, Russia– January 22, 1947, New York City, NY), was a Menshevik leader as well, often attacked by Lenin for alleged “opportunism.” In fact, he identified quite accurately the Bolshevik dictatorial temptation.

Lenin and Martov

In 1936, Nikolai Bukharin, descibed by Lenin in “Letter to Congres” as the favorite child of the Party, went to Paris to retrieve and purchase Marx’s manuscripts from the SPD archive. He saw Dan and his wife Lidia, the Dans begged him not to return to Moscow. Bukharin refused to defect, retured to Soviet Russia, became a chief defendant in the third show trial and was executed in March 1938. It is worth remembering these revolutionary fates on this November 7th. Martov, Bukharin, Radek, Serge, Dan, Nikolaevsky, They all knew each other, they all knew Koba…

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