UE, teroristii si tragedia refugiatilor

The vital sense of reality: “If we really want to stop these attacks, it is those evil plans and planners we have to focus on. These plans the more elaborate and lethal they are the less easy to hatch from faraway. Even if one such plan is drawn up in Syria, it is very unlikely that its protagonists will trek the refugee path exposing themselves to checkpoints, fingerprinting, dangers and delays all refugees must endure.

Refugees are low risk population. As a group, they have neither the motivation nor the means to do harm to random people in Europe, and thus advance the cause of people who they fled from. As individuals, a few could be evil. This is generally true for dentists, blondes, sociologists and birdwatchers too. But this does not mean the EU should let in everyone. There should be a mechanism of screening people who claim refugee status, preferably in the refugee camps outside the EU, at airports and seaports and on outer borders of the EU. For this the EU must get its act together.” (Akos Rona-Tas, sociology professor, UC San Diego)


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