La Multi Ani! Happy New Year!


Pentru toti prietenii mei, reali si virtuali: Fie ca Noul An sa fie mai senin si mai limpede moral decat cel care se incheie. Va doresc, voua si celor dragi, noroc, sanatate si pace!

May the New Year be less dark than the one coming to an end, more clear morally! I wish all my friends, real and virtual, good luck, health and peace!

RPR: Trei litere, trei minciuni


Asa numita Republica Populara Romana, proclamata la 30 decembrie 1947, nu a fost republica, daca republica inseamna res publica; nu a fost populara, daca popor inseamna o comunitate de indivizi cu drepturi garantate constitutional si protejate, nu batjocorite, de stat; nu a fost romana, pentru ca a distrus valorile democratice romanesti, a calcat in picioare cultura nationala si a aservit tara intereselor sovietice. Armata romana a devenit ramura a celei sovietiice. Justitia romana a incetat sa existe sub calcaiul de fier al teoriilor lui Visinski. Teroarea a devenit ubicua, permanenta, inexorabila. Dirijat de un Gheorghe Vasilichi, invatamantul romanesc a cunoscut o distructiva “reforma”. Condusa de Alexandru Nicolschi si Gheorghe Pintilie, zis Pantiusa, Securitatea a instaurat o stare de spaima universalizata.

RPR a fost satelitul pseudo-romanesc al Moscovei. A terfelit ideea suveranitatii poporului si a desfigurat idealul suveranitatii nationale. Gheorghiu-Dej, Ana Pauker, Teohari Georgescu, Petru Groza, Emil Bodnaras, Iosif Chisinevschi, Vasile Luca, Gheorghe Apostol, Petre Borila, Alexandru Moghioros, Constantin Parvulescu, Miron Constantinescu, C. I. Parhon, Mihail Sadoveanu au fost artizanii acestei imense imposturi istorice. Desi nu era inca membru al Biroului Politic, Nicolae Ceausescu facea parte din “statul major” al pretinsei revolutii proletare. La fel si Alexandru Draghici. La fel si Leonte Rautu.

Abdicarea fortata a Regelui Mihai a fost lovitura de gratie data continuitatii constitutionale a statului roman. Cea ce-a urmat a purtat numele de “democratie populara”. Acest aberant pleonasm, nascocit de Stalin, a insemnat un regim care interzicea memoria si anihila demnitatea umana. A fost un despotism totalitar, eliticid si liberticid. Cine neaga aceste adevaruri elementare se face vinovat de negationism. Iar negationismul, cand vine vorba de Gulag si de Holocaust, este pervers, obscen si scabros.

Divin: Alfred Brendel canta una din sonatele tarzii ale lui Schubert



In memoriam Serghei Esenin: Ah, Serioja…


Ninety years ago, in his rented room at the Hotel Angleterre in St Petersburg, after two days and two nights of compulsive, uninterrupted drinking, Sergei Yesenin, one of Russia’s greatest poets, committed suicide. He was born on October 3, 1895. “The artist is the only lover; he alone has the pure vision of beauty, and love is the vision of the soul when it is permitted to gaze upon immortal beauty.”–Isadora Duncan


In my heart I have a lemon sunset,
Through the fog I hear someone say:
For your freedom you will have to answer,
Well, Don Juan, take the challenge, eh?

As I take the challenge within reason,
Iа can see the same old thing I have:
I must take a storm forа bloomingа season
And mistake a thrill for real love.

That’s the reason That’s the way it happened.
Every day I have some other chick,
So that I might always smile, be happy
And defy unfaithfulness and trick.

December 13, 1925…/the_final_days_of_russian_writers_sergey_…



Andrei Marga intre calorifer si geopolitica


Protocronistul Marga, groparul ICR, fost informator al baietilor si ministru de externe putinofil, se ocupa acum de China, adica de acel regim autoritar pe care o jurnalista americana l-a numit the People’s Republic of Amnesia.  Multumiri Ioanei Both, nu stiam ca acest Pico della Mirandola a mai produs un volum!


Pictorita Margareta Wechsler Dinu a implinit 107 ani!


Margareta (Medi) Wechsler Dinu, who turns 107 today, represents the Balchik School in Romanian painting. Her modernism is allusive, discreet, almost ethereal. Married to the avant-garde poet Stephane Roll (Gheorghe Dinu), she was friends with Hedda Stern (later Saul Steinberg’s wife), Victor Brauner, Harry Brauner, Ilarie Voronca, Benjamin Fondane and so many others. in 1971, witnessing how Ceausescu offered thousands of decorations to real or imaginary party old-timers, Gheorghe Dinu exclaimed: “We were so few and we have remained so many!” Medi lives now at the retirement home of the Jewish community in Bucharest. Her memory, I am told, is intact. Below, a Balchik landscape and her self-portrait.



Ziua cand s-a nascut monstrul


December 18, 1878 (real date): a monster was born. The other one was born 11 years later, on April 20, 1889. In August 1939, in the Kremlin, Dzhugashvili toasted for Schickelgruber in the presence of Vyacheslav Molotov and Joachim von Ribbentrop: “I know how much the German nation loves its Fuhrer, I should therefore like to drink to his health.” Both personified what Immanuel Kant ancipated when wrote about the radicality of Evil. They were ideological gangsters, utopian sociopaths…


Stalin and Ribbentrop at signing of nonaggression pact

In Memoriam Benedict Anderson (1936-2015)


In this age of neo-tribalism, nationalist furies, and populist hysteria, Benedict Anderson’s writings serve us to understand and to explain. This is what social science is about. His concept of imagined communities, very often quoted and frequently misunderstood, changed the way we think about nations and nationalism. His writings, together with those of Isaiah Berlin, Rogers Brubaker, Ernest Gellner, Leah Greenfeld, Ertic Hobsbawm, Elie Kedourie, Hans Kohn, Anthony Smith, inspired me when I wrote “Fantasies of Salvation.” If the rite of passing away can be beautiful, professor Anderson’s farewell to his beloved Indonesia is one of those instances. May he rest in peace…

Will the Centre Hold?


There is an urgent need to foster what the great historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. once called the vital centre. In Europe and in North America. There is a pressing need to remember those disquieting lines from “The Second Coming” by W. B. Yeats:

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

TGA’s assessment, warning, and behest: “On past form, the woman whose professed heroine is Catherine the Great will see off the immediate political challenge with a combination of ruthlessness and tactical accommodation that has earned the label “Merkevellian”. But Merkel is now embattled, and with her the very centre of Europe’s centre. I will never forget a photograph of Merkel standing alone in the centre of a vast empty stage with, suspended above her head, a sign saying simply Die Mitte (the centre). Over her 10 years as chancellor she, and Germany with her, have come to be just that: Europe’s centre, politically, economically, diplomatically, but also ideologically.”

Great News: Restoring Democracy in Venezuela


This is great news and should be welcomed by all those who hold dear the values of truth, tolerance, and liberty! This a gigantic step towards restoring people’s sovereignty in Venezuela. It proves that de-democratization is not irreversible. Yes, Venezuela has a presidential system, but this is a major breakthough. One can envision a referendum that would put an end to the lurid farce of “Bolivarian socialism.”

Venezuelan opposition supporters celebrate the results of the legislative election in Caracas on 7 December, 2015