Pictorita Margareta Wechsler Dinu a implinit 107 ani!

Margareta (Medi) Wechsler Dinu, who turns 107 today, represents the Balchik School in Romanian painting. Her modernism is allusive, discreet, almost ethereal. Married to the avant-garde poet Stephane Roll (Gheorghe Dinu), she was friends with Hedda Stern (later Saul Steinberg’s wife), Victor Brauner, Harry Brauner, Ilarie Voronca, Benjamin Fondane and so many others. in 1971, witnessing how Ceausescu offered thousands of decorations to real or imaginary party old-timers, Gheorghe Dinu exclaimed: “We were so few and we have remained so many!” Medi lives now at the retirement home of the Jewish community in Bucharest. Her memory, I am told, is intact. Below, a Balchik landscape and her self-portrait.




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