In memoriam Serghei Esenin: Ah, Serioja…

Ninety years ago, in his rented room at the Hotel Angleterre in St Petersburg, after two days and two nights of compulsive, uninterrupted drinking, Sergei Yesenin, one of Russia’s greatest poets, committed suicide. He was born on October 3, 1895. “The artist is the only lover; he alone has the pure vision of beauty, and love is the vision of the soul when it is permitted to gaze upon immortal beauty.”–Isadora Duncan


In my heart I have a lemon sunset,
Through the fog I hear someone say:
For your freedom you will have to answer,
Well, Don Juan, take the challenge, eh?

As I take the challenge within reason,
Iа can see the same old thing I have:
I must take a storm forа bloomingа season
And mistake a thrill for real love.

That’s the reason That’s the way it happened.
Every day I have some other chick,
So that I might always smile, be happy
And defy unfaithfulness and trick.

December 13, 1925…/the_final_days_of_russian_writers_sergey_…




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