Gerda Taro, Robert Capa si Razboiul Civil din Spania

July 2016: Eighty years would have passed since the beginning of the Spanish Civil War, a labyrinth of illusions, passions, deception, frantic commitments, deep loyalties, and infamous betrayals. Gerda Taro loved life, was only 26 when she was killed, the first woman photographer to die in war. She was Robert Capa’s companion. Before her death, she told Tina Modotti how much she was yearning to be recognized as an artist, nut just as Capa’s “shadow.” It seems that Gerda did not realize that Maria, Tina’s nom de guerre, was herself one of the great artists of the century.


“Gerda Taro was born Gerta Pohorylle to a Jewish-Galician family in Stuttgart. She fled Nazi occupied Germany for Paris in 1934, where she met Friedmann Endre. He taught her photography and together the two of them invented Robert Capa and Gerda Taro as a ruse to earn more money off their photographs, as Americans were paid more than Europeans for their work. They were found out, but the two of them kept their altered names, the names they eventually became famous by.”


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