Neither Marx, nor Jesus

In memory of Irving Howe, co-founder of “Dissent” magazine, author of “A Margin of Hope”: I don’t think that Bernie Sanders has changed the rules of the game. But he definitely did change the hackneyed rhetoric of the the game. I am in touch with many young people, they were bored to death, now they hope. I don’t discuss here ideologies, just emotions, expectations, ideals. This territory is not to be discarded, dismissed, or disregarded. The milllenial generation enters politics now and it should be welcomed! They should know the difference between totalitarian and democratic socialism, between Bolsheviks and Mensheviks. I have no idea who will win the Democratic nomination, but I know America is looking for a genuine renewal. I remember a great book by Jean-Francois Revel, “Neither Marx, nor Jesus.” Maybe we should re-read it…


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