Les fours crématoires

Once upon a time, there was a Jewish life in Central Europe. With music, art, schools, theaters, cafes, religion, politics. It was all annihilated. Wholeness was followed by nothingness. The dead cannot be brought back to life. The story is, for intents and purposes, over. There were persecutions in the 1930s and before, but there was survival, as well. And not any survival, but a creative one. Hitler’s monstruous deed was to obliterate all this. As if it had never existed. Rescuing memory remains a moral urgency. I still remember what Karen Dawisha said, in 1989, during a dinner in Bryn Mawr, at our dear friend, the late University of Pennsylvania professor Alvin Z. Rubinstein and his wife Frankie’s ‘s place: “The Holocaust is the key to understanding Central Europe.” Thanks, Maria Bucur, for posting this. I wish I were in San Francisco to visit this exhibition!



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