Nous sommes tous des Juifs allemands!

 Hannah Arendt writes to Karl Jaspers on June 13,1968: “It seems to me that one day the children of the 21st century will learn about the year 1968 the same way we have learned about the year 1848. I am personally concerned. Dany Le Rouge, Cohn-Bendit, is the son of very close friends, an excellent lad.” On June 28, she writes a letter to Daniel: “I am convinced that your parents, especially your father, would be very proud if they were still alive. …In case you run into trouble and may be needing money, you’ll always have us.” Mention should be made that the French communist leader Georges Marchais called Daniel Cohn-Bendit “a German Jew” and the police considerea expelling him from French territory. “. In response, a huge demonstation took place in Paris with thousands of people proclaiming: “Nous sommes tous des Juifs allemands.”…/…/la-lettre-a-cohn-bendit_164696




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