Banci, SRI si drepturile omului

Banks and police, including intelligence services, are part of our lives, whether we like it or not. But they need to be monitored, as anyone who saw the movie “Big Short” realizes. Left alone, they can create havoc. Banks have a Gargantuan appetite for enrichment, police entities have a surveillance instinct that can reach dangerous proportions. In 2001, Adam Michnik published his seminal article “The Montesinos Virus”, translated by Elzbieta Matynia, in the journal “Social Reseach.” The argument is clear: when the secret police amasses inordinate powers, a democratic order is in danger. I am not going to engage in polemics with those who resent Michnik. It’s their right, as it is mine to appreciate him, even when we see some things differently. The Peruvian experience, my friends, is a good warning about the risks associated with too much unchecked power granted to intelligence services. Yes, I know, in order to get information, one needs thse eavesdroppings etc In other words, we fight the crooks with their own methods. Forgive me, I can’t endorse such a vision, and even less, such practices. Some people say that the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) is not the Securitate. Of course it is not. But all secret services have an irepressible desire to overstep their rights and boundaries. And this desire must be held in check. I respect the Constitutional Court and I would have expected others to do the same…


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