Let’s face it: Coup d’etat in Turkey

Let’s face it: The Erdogan regime is not a democracy. I deliberately use the present tense because the situation remains uncertain, volatile, and fluid. Kemalism has been the institiutional and ideological pillar of Turkey’s adherence to modernity. Imperfect as is is, democratically speaking, it is the opposite of Erdogan’s sham democracy based on boundless corruption, disguised, self-serving Muslim radicalism, and populist techniques of mass mobilization. I have no idea (does anybody have?) who the coup architects/protagonists are. Maybe they are the new Young Turks. We shall see. Turkey is a crucial NATO member, its stability is a key for NATO vitality and viability. These are just cursory, early thoughts. We need more information based on which we can go beyond guesstimation…


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