Sadism social: Acum 50 de ani, “Marea Revolutie Culturala Proletara”

Fifty tears ago, the Red Guards were engaged in ferocious beatings, shavings, and other humiliations of school teachers, university professors, writers, artists, accused of “counter-revolutionary crimes.”

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On July 28, 1966, Madame Mao (Jiang Qing), head of the Cultural Revolution Group, appeared at Peking University, telling the hysterical crowd “we do not advocate beating people, but what’s so special about beating people anyway? When bad people get beaten by good people, they deserve it. When good people get beaten by bad people, the credit goes to the good people. When good people beat good people, it is a misunderstanding that should be cleared op.” (see Frank Dikotter , “The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, 1962-1976,” Bloomsbury Press, 2016, p. 74).


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