Sartre’s Moral Blindness

Poor Jean-Paul Sartre! All his life he dreamed to become a revolutionary martyr, to be jailed at least for a day in order to get the fearless militant’s credentials. He failed, General de Gaulle told the Paris prefect in May 1968 that “one des not arrest Voltaire.” 🙂 Lecture today in my Marxism and post-Marxism undergraduate seminar on the adventures of French left-wing radicalism, the Camus-Sartre polemic, Raymond Aron’s devastating 1955 “Opium of the Intellectuals,” and Sartre’s irresponsible exaltation of violence in his preface to Franz Fanon’s “The Wretched of the Earth.” As Tony Judt showed, Léon Blum, Albert Camus, and Raymond Aron honorably and courageously carried the burden of responsibility. Not Sartre, who indulged in self-imposed moral blindness and political dishonesty…


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