Farewell to a Dear Friend…

We got married in Miami, Mary and I, in November 1991. It was during the AAASS (American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies) Convention, we eloped, we were young, and we were joyful. Bill McPherson was there and at the dinner (just the three of us) he offered a most exquisite champagne. We considered him our wedding witness. He was a real gentleman, a great friend, a passionately perceptive writer, and a most generous human being. When Adam turned one, Bill gave him one of those books meant to last forever in our hearts: “Good Night, Gorilla!” His “Granta” article “What Went Wrong” about the June 1990 mineriada was not only superbly written, but also impressively documented. He went to the Jiu Valley to interview Miron Cozma. The trip resulted in a terrible food poisoning, most likely an atempt at his life. Bill was beaten by Iliescu’s miners and reported on the tenebrous nature of the National Salvation Front regime. He understood Romania better than most Romanians. And he loved her enduringly, discreetly, selflessly. Blessed be his memory…

Photos by William McPherson, Washington, DC, 1993


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