Dialectics of disenchantment…

Today I will lecture on the Budapest School of critical Marxism. I will speak about Ágnes Heller (in the image), Ferenc Fehér (1933-1994)–“Marxism as Politics: An Obituary,” a seminal article published in the journal “Problems of Communism” in its special fiftieth anniversary issue–, György Márkus (1934-2016) as well as György Bence (1941-2006) and János Kis, the so-called “Lukacs kindergarten,” who wrote, under the pseudonym Mark Rakovski a very important book published in the West in 1978. In this time of epistemic revisionism, even anarchism, it’s necessary to clarify the genealogy, the metamorphoses and the fate of emancipatory ideas in a century of ideological storms. It will be a lecture on illusions and disillusionment. 


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