Vindictive, resentful, toxic

Viktor Mihály Orbán’s attack on George Soros (“the speculator”) reminds me of the Nazi paranoid propagandist Julius Streicher. It has all the despicable ingredients of the worst anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, little man versus giant predator, honest versus dishonest, blood versus gold. I could call him Wagnerian Viktor… 🙂 “We are not as big and powerful as you are and as big and powerful as George Soros, the American financial speculator attacking Hungary, who has destroyed the lives of millions of Europeans with his financial speculations, who has been fined for speculation in Hungary, and who is an open enemy of the euro.” So, Viktor Orban, Soros is a murderer, a destroyer of millions of life. This is not mere populism, my friends, this is blunt, unabashed Fascism. Is he going to say next that Soros is also guilty of “ritual murder”? Do not expect Orbán to back off. He he will push further forward (sic!) in a most despicable and dangerous direction. This is what I call the alphabet of hatred: once one says “A”, the road to “Z” is there, inevitable, inescapable, inexorable. This is Viktor Mihály Orbán’s repugnant path…

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