In Memoriam Benjamin Barber, political theorist and democratic activist

An indomitable intellectual dynamo, this was the liberal political theorist Ben Barber. We were colleagues at the University of Maryland and friends. He invited me to many events, including an unforgettable conference in Berlin and a symposium at the “Freedom Museum” in Philadelphia. We particip[ated together in the “Salmagundi” conference, at Skidmore College, on violence and terror. We had many long and, for me, enriching discussions. He was enthusiastic, energetic, firm in his convictions. He believed that democratic politics must be defended against rabblerousers, mountebanks, and scoundrels. His book “Cool Cities: Urban Sovereignty and the Fix for Global Warming” was published last week by Yale University Press. Blessed be his memory… (Posted on my FB page on April 26, 2017)





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